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We the believers here at St. Mark’s Baptist Church have committed our whole being to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Jesus have commissioned us to go and teach, preach and baptize in the name of the “Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”

 We have committed ourselves to serving not only people within our community, but people abroad and anyone in need that we can help. As a pastor I have realized that the greatest need of the people is to be evangelized, disciple, taught and strengthen in the weak areas of their lives.

 As we face a diverse generation of people, we must handle each situation with a delicate hand of mercy, realizing that God gave each of us something different to make up the rainbow of life. However, being different does not give us the right to live as we want, but we must stay in God’s “Will” so that our soul is preserved to live eternal.

We are a church, that gives God the highest praise not for what He has done but, who He is the “Almighty”, the Everlasting Father, the Great I am. We have learned through trial and tribulations that praise move unwanted situations out of your life. As you read this, our prayers are for you and your family and anyone that you may encounter.

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